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Kids Play, Family Play
Why Soccer
  • Soccer is the leading participatory sport in America
  • More than 18 million Americans play soccer every year, of which over 4.5 million are registered youth players; 52% male and 48% female; soccer is America's most gender equitable sport
  • Soccer households have typically higher median household incomes
  • Soccer, now 10% of Nike global sales; Adidas exceeds $2 billion in soccer sales
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  • It's America and the World's most non discriminating sport; it's the game for all Americans!
  • Soccer is seen as a safe sport
  • GUS has a natural synergy with the First Lady's "Let's Move" program in fighting childhood obesity
  • There are more than 50 million Americans considered as the interested national soccer market
  • Among Americans ages 12 to 24, pro soccer now ranks as their 2nd favorite sport (2nd only to the NFL). Pro soccer ranks as the favorite sport among Hispanics well ahead of traditional sports; Hispanic population is the most rapidly growing demographic segment in America
  • GUS Soccer
    Why Growing Up Soccer (GUS)
  • Where can you find an all in one activity that will excite children on a fun-filled path towards life-long fitness and life-long learning; one that instills in kids a sound formula for life? An activity to help strengthen the family bond between parents and their kids through kids' play, family play, neighborhood play and even community play; all the while connected to the World's game! You'll find it all in Growing Up Soccer; GUS!

    There's no need for extra equipment; no bats, no sticks, no baskets, no nets, no bases and no gloves. It's the game that everyone can play regardless of whether you're a boy or a girl, a man or a woman, and how big you are does not decide your future as a player.

  • It promotes parent-child interactions.
  • GUS is adaptable to urban, suburban and rural settings.
  • GUS has enormous implications towards improving the health and fitness of American families, neighborhoods and communities.
  • GUS has the strong potential to inspire neighborhood and community improvements. Energized GUS neighbors all across the country will advocate and lead efforts towards bettering school playground, community park, health and service associations, community recreational facilities and others.
  • Soccer popularity globally is well known, soccer is by far the most popular sport in the World. In the US soccer has been growing and increasing its popularity rapidly (click here to read the article). Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Alex Morgan, and Hope Solo are "super-recognizable" household names.
  • GUS Soccer
    Soccer Impact
    There are hundreds of men's and women's soccer leagues and franchises in "hometown" markets all across the US. Then there are the thousands of men and women, boys and girls collegiate and high school programs. Even more impacting on US soccer fans is the day-to-day TV airing of the best soccer from all around the World. Global Superstars such as Ronaldo (Portugal) or Messi (Argentina) are idols to many US soccer enthusiasts and their jerseys are sold in millions every year. As a result, there is a rapidly emerging national atmosphere and environment for the sport.
    Target audience
    Our target audience are the millions of parents of young children, especially Moms; soccer parents too busy to go shopping, or on a budget; who are looking to learn more about the growing game of soccer, to know more about raising young children, to network and connect with friends with the same interests, and to save big on everything revolving around the game of soccer and sports in general (clothing, gear, food, equipment, washing detergent, travel, tickets, and more).
    Why will GUS be successful?
    There is a huge void and need for an online service where young parents of young American youth can gather information about staying active, learn about nutrition and healthy eating, connect with other members-parents and friends, receive and share useful tips with other members, and download discounted coupons from numerous merchants offering everything relating to soccer and youth sports. GUS offers all this and much more in one place, under one safe and protective umbrella.
    Kids Play, Family Play
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    Growing Up Soccer
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