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Kids Play, Family Play
Pending the receipt of necessary venture funds, the plan is to have the GUS website live and fully functional in 9-10 months at which time a multi state, multi market pilot initiatives would be launched with at least 1 program partner and numerous coupon sponsors.

After a 4 month test pilot and review period, the plan would be to then begin to expand GUS into other states and other markets.
There are several GUS "secret sauces," one being in the overall delivery plan in bringing GUS to market and then sustaining the campaign over the long run. Also, GUS is not exclusively about soccer, but rather about the process of engaging children in wholesome activities on their terms.

The GUS prototype should be replicated for other sports, along with other diverse life endeavors to include vocal and instrumental music, creative writing and the visual arts. We chose to start with soccer because of its enormous global infrastructure and its simplicity; "all you really need is a ball!"
Establish, Brand, Promote, Expand
  • Incrementally advanced GUS over the past 14 years; created the concept, refined the concept, produced a preliminary case for support and a mini website
  • Establish and build strong & recognizable GUS brand online and off-line
  • Once all aspects of the GUS brand are in place (website, videos, TV promo, print materials, e-newsletter, sponsors related materials) ensure steady and planned growth and expansion
  • GUS Marketing and Promotional Strategies to include website daily maintenance, website upgrades and additions, producing and sending weekly e-newsletters to users/members/sponsors/partners, producing print materials, TV commercials, Apparel with GUS logo and slogans, Apparel with printed messages for different events, GUS 3D Animation, GUS TV Series
  • Create "Soccer/Healthy Growing Up" community via multiple online and off-line channels and strategies
  • Keep GUS members informed and active on a regular basis via multiple ways of online and off-line communication, interaction, involvement, and fees & contributions
  • Continue regularly maintaining existing GUS channels & programs while adding new services/products and the new areas of interest
  • Incorporate latest technologies and use them to enhance GUS brand while maintaining its simplicity and the ease of use (for the GUS members of all computer/web/technological skill levels)
  • Track progress in all areas (number of users/members, website hits/visits, purchases, contributions, members' involvement/responses/initiatives, different GUS programs and levels of successes, number of sponsors/partners/volunteers) Note: Provide sponsors and partners with detailed weekly/monthly reports regarding website and e-newsletter hits and "click-throughs", as well as off-line reached audiences via immediate feedback, print materials, programs, conferences and third party services and partnerships
  • Consistently offer more and variety of products/services/sponsors-coupons to GUS members. Introduce new products/services/sponsors-coupons on a regular basis (weekly). "Keep it fresh".
  • Grow corporate sponsorships and program partners based on year #1 and #2 performance
  • Be ahead of competition and similar groups and organizations by providing
    positive, inspiring and useful materials in variety of medias to all present and future GUS members; by keeping all users/members interested, informed and actively involved; and by offering variety of quality GUS-related and sponsors-related products and services on a consistent basis while maintaining strong and clear GUS brand and message; and by constantly improving and upgrading GUS brand
    Future upgrades and additions
  • GUS Mascot (for live appearances, conferences and events); Include other areas of interest; Include other sports; GUS Monthly Magazine and E-Book/E-Brochure; Include different age groups; Create GUS App (Partners, Merchants); Develop GUS TV Animated Show/Series;
    Kids Play, Family Play
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