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Kids Play, Family Play
  • By connecting the "spirit of kids play," the wholesome virtues of soccer, integrated with today's communication technology, we now have an exciting model for GUS! It was something I've been thinking about and incrementally advancing with my technology partner since my Hall of Fame days. The question was always; how to preserve the honor and integrity of soccer and at the same time, create a powerful commercial engine to promote and sustain the sales of consumer products and services? You can find it all in GUS!
  • It's the perfect time for GUS, promoting "kids' play" and restoring some of "the sandlot" back into our national culture of play as an important introduction and compliment to organized play.
  • There has been a tremendous public and private investment in the development of new soccer venues at the pro level, on college and high school campuses and in municipal park systems everywhere.
  • GUS has enormous implications towards improving the health and fitness of American families, neighborhoods and communities; and it would be a perfect component within First Lady, Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" program in fighting childhood obesity.
  • While GUS has a most honorable and wholesome cause stature, it also inherently possesses enormous commercial and consumer power.
  • As a beneficial human cause, GUS also has very high probability for securing celebrity endorsements and testimonials.
  • GUS has the great commercial potential towards aligning sponsors and program partners looking for direct to American family communications and marketing.
  • So, now it's up to you to help us bring GUS to market, to become a major part in a transformational social marketing initiative with long-term business implications.
  • Business promoters of GUS will listen to all funding opportunities that are in terms with GUS' structure and direction. Only serious offers by venture firms, businesses and individuals will have a chance to be part of this groundbreaking opportunity.
  • You can contact us by filling out the form on this page (click here), and to give us more information how you would like to get involved and be part of the GUS (and Growing Up My Way) initiative.
    Kids Play, Family Play
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