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    Website Sections
  • Nutritional tips from nutrition experts
  • Photo galleries
  • Insights, tips, and informative stories/videos from other parents-members, sponsors and professional staff (players, coaches, and more)
  • Daily new offers and programs from sponsors and merchants
  • Awards to GUS juniors - recognizing them for their sporting successes, academic achievements and misc good deeds
  • Online Community - Registered Members can interact with each other. GUS Online Community to be supervised by a GUS authorized administrator (filter inappropriate language and supervise closely posted materials, maintain sponsors' sections)
  • GUS Animation (3D/Animation): We will develop web series; episodes would go 'live' monthly and each would have different/positive/inspiring message. Animation to be geared towards younger generations with positive messages; Animation to be fun, educational and full of GUS related content and vibrant, happy, fun visuals.
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    Interesting Features
  • Multimedia - GUS Videos Showcasing Skills, How-to-Clips Tips/Tricks (tips on washing dirty clothes/stains, how to fix ripped shoes,...), Tutoring Video Clips (school/subject videos tips, help with homework, studying, pre-college info from student/athletes, teachers, professors, administrators), Live Events Videos, Interviews (with GUS members, parents, coaches, players, administrators, nutritionists, doctors,...), Speakers Videos (from events, conferences, presentations), Travels (visiting places, traveling on the road), Helpful tips from the parents, Partners & Sponsors Videos, and other various subjects videos.
  • Submitted videos would be screened, reviewed, sorted out and only approved videos would be posted online; videos would be searchable and sorted by subject/event/topic/username/upload date/view count/rating.
  • Nutrition Page: Features and Videos how to eat healthy, nutritional facts, nutritionist recommends, nutritional videos, quick/healthy recipes for parents (downloadable), share recipes, food charts, stores coupons downloads, nutritional menus
  • "Chef in the Kitchen" Page: Photos and Videos with chefs cooking healthy meals, videos for download, sponsors info in the pages/photos/videos featuring their produce/services used in the videos, offer coupons for download for featured foods for purchase at sponsors' stores/supermarkets and products featured in the video for purchase at a discounted price online
  • Training Page: Training/practicing info and charts for beginners with photos and graphics, videos from parents explaining what helped their kids improve as the players, do-it-yourself videos, how to make it fun and useful
  • Progress/Improvement Chart: Available for download for parents and members;
  • Calendar: Dynamic calendar with GUS-selected featured national events; GUS participation events; GUS on the Road Schedule (find out where GUS mascot will be appearing each month)
  • GUS Social Networking Websites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr) updated and maintained daily
  • Select Language (multi-language website for international visitors)
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    Kids Play, Family Play
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    Growing Up Soccer
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