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Kids Play, Family Play
Growing Up My Way (the "Umbrella Program")
Growing Up My Way is a new, creative and imaginative way towards family learning and family self-development. It starts with a quality introduction of various wholesome activities, activities that young children can sample and experience for themselves, then determine if a special fun activity or activities are right for them. It is a process that is intended to excite children along a fun-filled path towards life-long learning, life-long happiness; one that instills in kids and their supportive parents a sound formula for "life!" These are activities intended to strengthen family interrelationships between parents and their kids, kids to other kids, parents with other parents to promote social engagement through kids' play, family play, neighborhood play and community play!

Growing Up My Way is informal, unstructured play that allows young children to invent their own ways of having fun. There is no pressure on the child or parents to master prescribed drills or to achieve certain levels of skills or performance.

Growing Up My Way is also a creative e-commerce way of engaging young families, tilted thematically and in design to appeal to moms [the family deciders] that helps guide them through a wide array of quality activities, while at the same time networked with appropriate product and service brands, those that fit the model and strategic marketing objectives of Growing Up My Way, to promote direct to family consumer sales.
Welcome from the program founder and director
Hello everyone, welcome to Growing Up My Way and Growing Up Soccer,

My name is Albert Colone, During my nearly 40 year connection with soccer, I was inspired by the sport to become the founder of the national soccer Hall of Fame, and for 19 years as its director, leading an effort that took an idea and a dream and turned it into a globally recognized multi million dollar institution.

I've been thinking how to preserve the honor and integrity of soccer and at the same time, create a powerful commercial engine to promote and sustain the sales of consumer products and services? You can find it all in GUS! We are talking about millions of young American families linked between a very welcoming game to your consumer brands!

The essence of GUS! - Maximizing life-long brand loyalty by creatively connecting our brand to yours! We are talking about millions of young American families linked between a very welcoming game to your consumer brands!

Albert Colone
Founder and Director
What is GUS Portal?
  • Informative and entertaining website focusing on healthy growing up
  • An online store with discounted coupons for sports & growing up healthy products offered by multiple and carefully chosen merchants and sponsors
  • An online community and social networking portal focusing on healthy growing up with the game of soccer or any other outdoor activity
  • A social networking portal that gives parents of similar interests and needs an opportunity to connect with other parents in the same/similar situation - raising young healthy individuals getting involved with the sports at an early age.
    Who is GUS intended for?
    Parents too busy to go shopping, or on a budget; Parents looking to learn more about the growing game of soccer, to know more about raising young children, to network and connect with friends with the same interests, and to save big on everything revolving around the game of soccer and sports in general (clothing, gear, food, equipment, washing detergent, travel, tickets, and more).
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